Waste water treatment

With increasing pressures on water resources, the concept of beneficial use of treated wastewater has rapidly become an imperative for water agencies around the world. Water and wastewater recycling and reuse has increasingly been integrated in the planning and development in all contries, particularly for agriculture and land scope irrigation, help protect public health, increase water availability, prevent coastal pollution and enhance water resources and nature conservation policies.

Why recover water?

  • Site discharge is often very costly > $ 5.00 M3.Industries target waste ratio of 2 kg Out : 1 kg In. Most don't achieve it! Average > 3 : 1. REDUCE or RECYCLE water with Anolyte and reduce WASTE, Save $$ !


Anolyte advantages vs. traditional methods

  • Approved Solutions
  • On Site, On demand generation
  • Non toxic
  • Significant Energy Savings
  • Significant Carbon Savings
  • Reduced Civil installation costs
  • Self Contained Portable Systems


Disinfection by products

  • No Haloform Production
  • By products in the sediment were consistently at or below the limit of detection

EL-6000 installation site in New Zealand


ELA-6000 for waste water treatment in Lithuania


Envirolyte technology strength

  • Custom built installation for each customer’s needs
  • Strong focus on Product & Water Quality issues
  • Most cost effective sanitation Technology available
  • Safer, superior outcomes than competing technologies
  • Treats incoming and outgoing water with two solutions produced on site!
  • Innovative solutions to old problems
  • Prevention verses cure!


With the introduction of Envirolyte anolyte generators relatively simple wastewater treatment technologies can be designed to provide low cost sanitation and environmental protection while providing additional benefits from the reuse of water.


Drawing of a typical Envirolyte waste water disinfecting system



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