Legionella prevention for hot and cold water systems

Legionella has been identified as a major problem in multioccupancy buildings such as hotels, hospitals, hostels, schools, military establishments,nursing homes and office blocks.


Worldwide thousands of people become seriously ill or die through infection by this potentially deadly disease. The costs if a buildings water system becomes infected can be substantial not only in terms of human suffering but also financially.If a hotel is identified as a source of infection it can result in forced closure whilst the problem is treated plus possible lawsuits if people are infected. This means substantial loss of revenues and reputation. In addition in many countries if it is shown that the problem occurred due to the negligence of the hotel or ship operators and staff it can result in large financial penalties or even prison sentences for the individuals concerned. Every year hotels throughout the world are forced to close due to this problem often in the height of the tourist season.Every year people die in hospitals not from the disease that they were being treated for but from infection by this deadly bacteria that they contracted from the hospitals water system. Due to the soaring price of energy many operators of these buildings reduce the overall temperature of the hot water system which can increase the risk of infection by the Legionella bacterium.


ELA-1200 generator at a hospital in Italy


Envirolyte anolyte generators can be installed in all these buildings or on board the ships to treat the water system on a continual basis not only to remove the infection but to eliminate the risk of reinfection.


Our anolyte generators give the building and ship operators peace of mind that he is doing everything possible to protect the users of the building or ship passengers from infection and consequently minimizes financial and legal risks to themselves.




Drawing of a typical Envirolyte water disinfecting system (EWDS) for prevention of Legionella contamination




Envirolyte ELA-200 on board of Seawind ferry of Tallinnk shipping company for drinking water disinfection and Legionella prevention



Envirolyte ELA-3000ANW at Düren Hospital, Germany

Besides hand hygiene, drinking water hygiene is also on the to-do list of every hospital. A lot of money is invested to clean water pipes and to destroy legionella germs. An alternative solution for mechanical and thermal control is water disinfection using an automatic machine. Dr. Bernhard Heising, infection specialist and hospital hygienist at Düren Hospital, Germany, describes in an interview why the hospital uses Envirolyte ELA-3000ANW generator and what advantages it offers.




Envirolyte ELA-400 anolyte (HCLO) generator on board of The Viking XPRS since September 2013



Typical installations of Envirolyte units in public buildings AND on BOARD THE SHIPS for Legionela prevention & killing



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