Rural drinking water disinfection systems

Envirolyte drinking water disinfection system for rural developments

Clean drinking water for rural population is normally provided from the water treatment plants, which get the raw water from dams or water pumped from rivers. Still many rural areas particularly remote villages in developing countries are still without water from these sources because of the remoteness of their locations or because it is not economical to provide these villages with the treated water since village population is too small or location is difficult to reach with traditional water supply/disinfection infrastructure.

However, there's water everywhere near or in the villages itself either from the river sources or from the tube well. All what is needed is to treat this water and provide it to the villages concerned using a system that is reliable and economical. Envirolyte Industries International Ltd. in cooperation with its partners has experienced in rural water disinfection system that can meet the above requirements effectively and overcome limitations associated with traditional technologies.



Envirolyte drinking water project for rural developments

The water sources in rural developments are mostly natural, identical or very similar to the ones on the pictures below:



Envirolyte drinking water disinfection systems are simple, practical and do not require construction of any complex structures or installation of sophisticated equipment.


1. Water from the sources above is filtered using simple sand filters like on the pictures below:

Sand filtration

Filtered water


2. After the sand filtration water flows to our disinfection system where we treat the water in either two ways:

a) First method: we use on-line anolyte injection system.

On line injection system. Water flow through our

system and get disinfected

On site installation of Envirolyte

Rural disinfection unit


b) Second method: we use anolyte to treat water in a tank/reservoir before it is reticulated to the house in the village.

Left is the reservoir, on right is the pump house housing our system

Envirolyte Rural disinfection unit in the pump house



Envirolyte Rural Disinfection System

Envirolyte unit - treats water in the tank automatically (50,000 liters per hour capacity for the particular model seen on the pictures above) and treats water on - line as it passes through the system.


Redox meter on the top of the water reservoir/tank to monitor the quality of disinfection.

Brine tank for Envirolyte unit

We manufacture Rural Disinfection Systems to treat water ranging from 10 m3/H and up to 6000 m3/H (combination of two and more systems allows for the treatment of even bigger volumes) if it is either in a reservoir/tank or flowing through the system. For all these systems we use different capacity of Envirolyte machines ranging from EL/ELA-200 to EL/ELA-60000.

We can treat water anywhere there is electricity and anywhere we can have supply of salt to provide to the vast populations of rural areas the resultant water that fully meets WHO quality standards.


Envirolyte rural drinking water disinfecting system at KG Kemangi at Baling in state of Kedan, Malaysia


Envirolyte rural drinking water disinfecting system at Kampong Jejok, Fort Brooke, Gua Musang, Kelantan, Malaysia



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