Customer requirements


What are your requirements/duties under the new BPR 528/2012 regulation as an end customer, liquid manufacturer/distributor, or OEM customer?


If you are using the liquid directly from the ECA generator into you application, and the manufacture is Article 95 listed you are fulfilling (BPR).

If you are using the liquid directly from the ECA generator into your application, and the precursor manufacturer (sodium chloride) used in the manufacturing of the disinfection liquid is Article 95 listed, you are fulfilling (BPR).


If you are producing the disinfection liquid under a different name/brand from the ECA manufacturer and selling this on the market, you have to be Article 95 listed


If you are OEM customer, and buying the ECA generator from an Article 95 listed company, you can be Article 95 listed via your ECA manufacture.

In our study, 1/1, 1/2 and 1/10 concentrations of electrolyzed water produced via Envirolyte device have been found to be effective on all yeasts and molds used within one minutes. Moreover, it has been seen to be effective within one minute against 1/20 concentration of C. albicans which is most commonly isolated from fungal pathogens in hospitals. In addition, it was effective on 1/100 degree concentration of C. glabrata within thirty minutes and in ten minutes on 1/100 A. flavus concentration.


Istanbul University, Cerrahpasa Medical Faculty, Department of Medical Microbiology

Istanbul, Turkey