CIP of the processing equipment in various industries



Water processing with anolyte and catholyte or in other words Electrolyzed Water (EW) is used in a number of hygiene applications to remove unwanted microorganisms from contact surfaces in the food and beverage industry.

The multiple applications imply use anolyte for disinfection and catholyte as a washing fluid. Therefore there is a distinct need in the food processing, beer and beverage industries for the generators capable to produce both Anolyte and Catholyte.

Envirolyte CIP type of generators is ideally suited to these markets for CIP applications or hospitality markets (hotels, schools, government facilities, military bases, prisons, cruise ships, janitorial services, etc.). These generators are easy to install, operate and maintain and are the ideal solution when safety and cost are a concern.

Previously, beverage manufacturers would use traditional harmful chemicals to clean and sanitize to achieve similar results.

CIP 100/100 generator designed to produce 100 LPH of anolyte and 100 LPH of catholyte


CIP is used during production when changing from one product to another or at specific times for hygiene reasons to eliminate the growth of harmful bacteria often present in water rich environments.

Traditional non-ECA chemical CIP steps are performed at high temperatures, and involve: a water rinse, followed by application of a detergent, followed by another water rinse, followed by application of a disinfectant, followed by a final water rinse, all of which require significantly more time, water and energy than cleaning with Envirolyte ECA solutions.

Replacing traditional chemical CIP with Envirolyte green ECA detergent and disinfectant solutions eliminates the need for high temperatures and eliminates the rinse between the detergent and the disinfectant steps reducing cleaning to a 4-step process, which results in a considerable reduction in the loss of valuable production time. This time saving cleaning process also saves energy and water for the bottler, resulting in greater profits and a greener CIP process.

The Envirolyte methodology helps beverage plants achieve sustainability goals, protect product & human life and improve profitability by providing, amongst others, the following benefits:

• Increased production time due to less time having to be spent on CIP;

• Total microbial decontamination;

• Reduction or complete elimination of costly and harmful chemicals;

• Savings on energy, with a reduction or elimination of the need to heat chemicals resulting in significant energy savings;

• Significant water savings;

• Flavour and residue elimination; and

• Improved safety for workers


In contrast to traditional chemicals, Envirolyte ECA Anolyte solution is produced and applied at a neutral pH, i.e. neither too acidic nor too alkaline, which makes it completely safe when in contact with humans and as an effluent in the environment. The ECA solutions can be used without any requirement for safety or protective gear.

The Envirolyte CIP range of anolyte/catholyte generators was developed in cooperation with our partners for the food processing and beverage market and is available in low salt configuration only.

CIP 20/20 generator designed to produce 20 LPH of anolyte and 20 LPH of catholyte


CIP 20/20 generator at a food processing company in Columbia

The generators are a significant step forward in anolyte/catholyte production technology and are characterized by:

• Minimal Maintenance

• State of the art reactor cell technology, with a prolonged operational life improving the generator performance dramatically.

• Reduced Total Cost of Ownership

• On demand solutions

• Highly effective eco-friendly ECA solutions

• Anolyte 500ppm FAC @ pH 6,5

• Catholyte 1000ppm NaOH @ pH >12

• Separated Anolyte and Catholyte reactor cell technology

• Less complicated

• Extremely low waste generation, less than 0,5% of device capacity

• Easy anolytre production with a generator that is factory set to customer needs and specification

• Simplified installation and operation

• High quality components, European standards

• Low Salt / Chloride technology that protects our customer’s corrosion concerns.

• 28 – 34 ppm of Chlorides in final CIP solutions plus Chlorides of CIP makeup water

• Easy to use interface, ensuring that the solutions are always within their specified parameters and are producing consistent quality Anolyte and Catholyte.

• Equipped with remote monitoring for peace of mind. (GSM or Ethernet Modbus)


CIP 200/200 generator designed to produce 200 LPH of anolyte and 200 LPH of catholyte installed at food processing facility.

CIP 100/100 generator designed to produce 100 LPH of anolyte and 100 LPH of catholyte installed at beer/beverages producer’s facility.


Although these anolyte/ctholyte generators were designed with the beverage market in mind, they can be used in any situation where both Anolyte and Catholyte solutions are required for effective cleaning and sanitizing operations.

CIP 300/300 anolye/catholyte generator installed at Coca-Cola factory in South Africa

Installation elements of CIP 300/300 at Coca-Cola factory in South Africa


Some of the models of CIP anolyte catholyte generators you may see at

Generators with other outputs of anolyte /catholyte are available upon request.


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