Dairy Farming

Through ultimate hygiene to increased productivity and cost saving

Diseases and infections have always been a major concern to the dairy industry. Fortunately, microbial contamination can be prevented and controlled using proper management practices and modern health products.

Envirolyte technology offers a comprehensive eco-friendly and cost effective program that starts with the water treatment and continues through barns and the field. Treating the entire farm with Envirolyte fluids can provide a host of benefits, including:

  • Provide a cleaner, safer, low-odor environment
  • Improve milk quality and increase production
  • Improved livestock health and quality of life
  • Higher quality crop and feed
  • Cost savings or compete abolition of chemicals and detergents 


EL-6000 generator at a dairy farm in Canada


Why Envirolyte technology Makes a Dairy Better: It is organic alternative at a reasonable price 

We believe that our livestock treatment products potentially may be used to systemically treat all facets and phases of the dairy operations, from soil and water to animal feed to meat processing, by eliminating dangerous and unhealthy pathogens from the dairy environment with organically based and highly effective solutions. We make the claim that our products are “non-toxic”. We can do this because at the levels we employ our technology, our studies both internal as well as through third parties show no toxicity. At the levels employed, the fluids and products are environmentally safe and non-toxic and do not contain or leave harmful residues associated with chemical-based supplements or disinfecting and cleaning agents. Research and practical experience of our clients have shown the Envirolyte fluids to be superior to traditional means of hygiene in its ability to:

  • Reduce diseases such as mastitis, diarrhea, hoof and skin infections, ruminal acidosis etc.;
  • Increase the animals’ absorption of nutrients and hydration status;
  • Improve feed utilization, more rapid weight gain;
  • Positively and dramatically impact milk production;
  • Significantly improve the quality of silage and other animal feed by elimination of harmful pathogens such as Salmonella, E.coli, different fungi and toxins.;
  • Complete destruction of germs and pathogenic agents/ highly effective in intensive conditions.


Envirolyte technology provides additional benefits by:

  • Cleaning and sanitizing raw milk CIP systems and other equipment without harmful chemicals
  • Reducing pathogens and other microorganisms more effectively than sodium hypochlorite, ozone or other harsh chemicals
  • Not irritating skin
  • Not bleaching or staining clothing
  • Being completely harmless to personnel and environment
  • Saves you money, allows increased profits  


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