Poultry Farming

Through ultimate hygiene to increased productivity and cost saving 

Diseases and infections have always been a major concern to the poultry industry--especially in the hatchery. Fortunately, microbial contamination can be prevented and controlled using proper management practices and modern health products.

Envirolyte technology offers a comprehensive eco-friendly and cost effective program that starts with the water treatment and continues through barns and the field. Treating the entire farm with Envirolyte fluids can provide a host of benefits, including:

  • significantly lower mortality rate
  • significantly less medications
  • improved chick vigor / livelier and more robust birds
  • improved feed utilization, more rapid weight gain /less days on feed
  • fewer problems with lung, digestive and skin diseases
  • calmer and less stressed birds
  • Complete destruction of germs and pathogenic agents/highly effective in intensive conditions
  • saves you money, allows increased profits.


ELA-6000 generator at a broiler farm in France


Poultry farm in Delaware, USA

Envirolyte/Omnilyte team at work

Accomplished ELA-900 installation at a poultry farm


Sustainable Technology To Maintain A Disease-Free World Through ultimate hygiene to increased productivity and cost saving 

Significantly lower mortality rate in chicks and younger birds.

  • Birds are able to grow faster and utilize their feed more efficiently

Potential to use significantly less medication.

  • Less anti- biotic medication in the feed, greater opportunity to produce healthy birds earlier to market

Improved chick vigor / livelier, more robust birds.

  • Chicks grow faster with fewer chronic diseases, resulting in improved overall productivity and bird performance.

Improved feed utilization, more rapid weight gain.

  • Common performance indicators show a reduction in number days ‘on feed’ to achieve the same bird mass.

Fewer problems with lung, digestive and skin diseases.

  • Improves overall bird health performance

Complete destruction of germs and pathogenic agents including avian influenza viruses

  • Highly effective technique in highly intensive production conditions where pathogens are most easily transferred.
  • Culling of birds becomes a thing of the past.

Saves money, increases profits.

  • Improved bird mass with fewer days to reach ideal bird mass /earlier delivery days

Limiting Ground Water Contamination

  • Through the use of natural occurring materials, there is much reduced risk of contamination of ground water/ water run off etc.






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