The Envirolyte Solutions with their potent bactericidal and extractive qualities offer a wide range of applications to the farming industry. At the same time Envirolyte solutions achieve a substantial decrease in toxic emissions and with low costs, allow large savings over more expensive conventional methods. These solutions are safe to handle and there is no need to store hazardous chemicals.



  • Total Hygine program for animal husbandry.
  • Sterilisation of dairy equipment.
  • Cleaning milking stalls and other farm buildings.
  • De-scaling milk-lines.
  • Teat dip to control and reduce somatic cell count.


Veterinary medicine

  • Small compact unit producing a bioactive solution capable of treating a range of bacterial and viral conditions with the aim of giving the farmer instant access to successful treatments.
  • Envirolyte solutions have been used successfully on scour, mastitis, foot rot, ringworm and respiratory infections, foot and mouth disease.
  • They also boost resistance in animals to infectious diseases and promote recovery.


Agriculture and horticulture

  • Increases crop yield, disinfects grain, prolongs shelf life of vegetables and fruit, purifies irrigation water for crop spraying and pest control.
  • Preserves silage and decreases toxicity of effluent entering the water system.


The detailed reports for this particular application are available upon request