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About Envirolyte

In Envirolyte we have developed a unique group of companies which is focussed on the water purification, sterilisation and disinfecting industries.


The roots of the group have developed through support and application of earlier technology including Electrolysed Water (EW, EOW or EO, also known as electrolyzed oxidizing water, electroactivated water or ionyzed water solution) in its earliest form.


We have brought to the above industries earlier experiences which have enabled us to better deliver potential and application of Electrolyzed Water technology to a wide array of industrial and domestic problems on a large scale. This gives us a strong technical edge over our competition and allows us to build a broad range of support services on a national and international basis.


Together with dedicated specialist companies we have built channels to market and service clients from the largest major corporate to the smallest domestic household, offering advice on all aspects of water purification, sterilisatioin and disinfecting.






Independent testing

Envirolyte systems and generated solutions (anolyte and catolyte) have been put through extensive series of independent tests and on-site trials including hospitals, breweries, water systems and agricultural environments.


Safer world

Being environmentally friendly, completely safe, non-toxic and non-irritant Anolyte is welcome where traditional chemicals fail to produce the desired results or can't be applied at all.


Better alternative

The conclusions prove that Anolyte being a low-cost and powerful disinfectant is set to become the preferred solution for many sterilisation, disinfecting and water purification procedures.






Our unique systems

The Envirolyte Industries International Ltd. has converted achievements and inventions in Electrolyzed Water into a range of exclusive products: diaphragmatic cells, Envirolyte and ECO units to suit numerous applications under the trade marks of Envirolyte® & ECO®

Two solutions generated by Envirolyte units are unique in their own way. Anolyte with pH controlled in the range 2.0-8.5 and ORP +700mV - +1200mV has a great biocide potential. Catholyte is a perfect washing liquid and an important means to increase pH.

There is a wide range of potential disinfection applications of Envirolyte units. The problems associated with handling and storage of chemical based systems provide a number of opportunities. The Envirolyte units can largely overcome Health and Safety measures as well as Environmental pollution problems associated with traditional chemical systems.


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Electrochemistry and Electrolyzed Water


Electrochemistry is the part of science which deals with the interrelationship of electrical currents, or voltages, and chemical reactions, and with the mutual conversion of chemical and electrical energy.


Electrolyzed Water (EW) Technology is based on a new, previously unknown law of anomalous changes of reaction and catalytic abilities of aqueous solutions subjected to electrochemical unipolar (either anodic or cathode) treatment. EW is necessarily associated with alteration of its chemical composition, acidity and (or) alkalinity within a wide range.


That is why EW application makes it possible:

  • to exclude from routine technological processes the regulation of solution properties with costly reagents;
  • to improve quality of the treated substances;
  • to reduce the number and duration of technological operations;
  • to decrease their labour-consuming nature;
  • to facilitate and simplify processes of water and sewage purification.


Unlike well-known electrochemical reactions, in the processes of electrochemical activation initial substances are diluted aqua-saline (brine) solution and mains water. The eventual EW products are not concentrated chemical substances, but activated (Anolyte and Catholyte) solutions: low mineralised liquids in a metastable state, manifesting increased chemical activity. Synthesis of electrochemically activated solutions is only possible when unipolar electrochemical exposure is combined with treatment of as many as possible micro volumes of liquid in high voltage electric field of a double electric layer near the electrode's surface.


The above stated conditions of producing activated solutions can be realised only in special diaphragmatic cells (round or square) which are the key elements of every Envirolyte or ECO unit.